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June 2018 - Barons Beverage Services – Barons Beverage Services

Beer – The Only Healthy Option

Now don’t worry, we’re not going to try and convince you here that beer can either make you look years younger than you are or that it offers the secret to immortality! We thought though we’d just like to say a few words about a little-known fact relating to beer and beer dispensing systems (essentially barrels and jugs) in the distant past. Back in medieval and early modern Europe, by and large, the water supplies in the bigger cities and...

Do you Know the Difference Between “Ale” and “Beer”?

Maybe you think that “ales” are those warm liquids drunk by Poms! If that’s the level of your understanding – then read on! Ales Ales are one of several different types of beer rather than the other way around. They’re amongst the oldest alcoholic beverages known to humankind and they may even by the first such beverage ever brewed. There’s always a slight risk of generalisation but ales are usually dark, fruity in taste (sometimes strong in taste too) and...

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