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October 2018 - Barons Beverage Services – Barons Beverage Services


Hops and Beer

Whenever anyone mentions brewing beer, often the thought of “hops” follows on. Yet many Australians are not entirely clear what hops are or what purpose they serve in beer production. Hops In the middle ages, beers were made with a variety of secondary ingredients added (often weeds and herbs), designed to add flavour and help preserve the final product.  Some of the ingredients back then were “rough” to say the least and many today might be considered to be harmful!...


Where do Pub Signs Come From?

As most Australian tradition in this area has its origin in the UK, we’ll concentrate on the history there. Seriously old pubs In the UK and notably in England, many pubs have an ancient history. Various pubs argue between themselves over which can be called the oldest in the country but it’s generally accepted that some are over 800 years old.  That’s direct verifiable history because some are reputed to stand on the site of earlier Anglo-Saxon alehouses which might...

Can you Overdo the “Theme” of a Bar?

Themed pubs and bars have been with us for a long time now. There are many alive today who can remember the days before the themed bar and when they first started to be developed many veterans of pub life viewed them with grave suspicion. Originally, it’s probably fair to say that a themed bar was seen as something of a novelty and gimmick.  Sometimes an individual establishment would change its theme several times within a few years in an...

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