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Almost everyone prefers draught beer over packaged beer. ‘But wait until you taste it on tap!’ is a phrase we commonly hear from many beer connoisseurs – and we couldn’t agree more.

Draught beer is an experience often reserved for going to the pub, but that doesn’t need to be the case. By drawing on our inter-generational knowledge of aro systems, we can design a home system that caters to your needs. From man caves to rooftop terraces, mobile bars to super yachts, Barons has installed in all different scenarios with the same result every time…. a happy customer and ice-cold beer.

We use only the best-available chillers that are designed to handle the hot Australian weather. A lot of equipment available to the general public via home brew stores is not designed for our climate, and it tends to struggle on really hot days. But what good is that when you can’t quench your thirst?

We consider everything when designing your system – including the number of taps, styles of beer, the need for cold storage vs ambient storage, and of course your budget. Everything we install is designed to handle the warmest conditions and still perform well – because if you can’t show off your draught beer to your mates, then you may as well just head back down to the pub.

With Barons, you’ll never need to.

Not quite sure if you’re ready to make the jump to a permanent system? No fear, that’s a huge benefit to our portable beer systems for hire. Why not take a portable system home for a week (or two) and see what life could be like with free-flowing beer on tap, all-day-long!?

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