Maintenance services for draught beer dispense systems and commercial refrigeration.

At Barons Beverage Services, we offer maintenance and servicing for beer dispense systems and for commercial refrigeration systems. 

Draught Beer Dispense Maintenance:

Your beer dispense system is often the heart of your business –it’s the one thing that keeps your patrons coming back time and time again to enjoy a cold crisp beer. Needless to say, it is important to protect the investment by keeping it well maintained. A scheduled preventative maintenance program provided by Barons Beverage Services can do exactly that. 

Our team of highly trained experts will perform routine systematic inspections of your system to identify any existing or potential issues. Our technicians work through your system from tap right back to couplers, identifying and rectifying potential hazards that may have caused down time if left unattended to.

Changing of seals, checking glycol, gas leak checks and CO2 monitor checks are all items better left to the professionals – because one day of down time is too many already. 

At Barons Beverage Services, we provide comprehensive bi-annual servicing, along with fully maintained beer line cleaning services. You can select the program that best suits you. Either way, you’ll get:

  • Less equipment downtime
  • Fewer interruptions to critical operations
  • Longer asset life
  • Improved efficiency (assets in good repair tend to operate better) 
  • Increased workplace safety and improved compliance with OSHA

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance:

Farm-fresh produce and ice-cold beer have one thing in common: a well-maintained refrigeration system that is keeping them both fresh and cold! 

As a venue operator, you need to place produce and beer orders weekly. Often the bill for these items is in the thousands. What we don’t remember to do is ensure the capital equipment keeping these items cold and fresh is routinely maintained!

Without a routine maintenance, in place you’re playing Russian Roulette with the one piece of equipment that has the ability to cripple your business. Frozen produce can all be lost if a freezer room goes down, costing you much more than a day of trade. Not to mention the warm beer… 

Staying on top of your routine maintenance can give you peace of mind in knowing you’ve done everything you can to prevent a breakdown – and prevent not only losing trade, but potentially losing patrons forever.

From freezer rooms, cool rooms, glycol chillers and blast chillers to ice machines, prep fridges, bottle shop displays and cake fridges, our team of expertly trained refrigeration mechanics can keep your assets running smoothly. 

Both of our maintenance services can be completely customised to your business needs. We avoid taking the ‘cookie cutter’ approach and offering the same service to every client – at Barons, you get personalised approach.

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