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Good living and good drinking go hand in hand. Keeping venues across WA pouring the perfectly chilled and frothy beer is a science that the Barons team has perfected over the years (all 40 of them). This experience has taught us many things – the most important being venues that don’t invest in proactive maintenance are setting themselves up for challenges down the road. You could be dealing with unwanted breakdowns and unplanned downtime on some of your biggest trading days. 


 Protecting your greatest asset

80% of draft beer quality issues are related to poor system maintenance.

Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of a beer system by up to 50%.

Investing in proactive maintenance is an investment in your future. Not only is it cost-effective and extends the life of your dispense system, it’ll reduce unexpected failures and downtime, keeping your patrons happy.


Get the Most Out Of Your Venue Maintenance

Setting up a routine maintenance service with Barons helps avoid these potential shutdowns and keeps the good times flowing. 


Compliance Maintenance 

Keeping your systems up to code with twice yearly checks covering compression and gas regulations required to meet the AS5034:2005 Australian standard.


General System Maintenance 

Regular servicing and on-site repairs are performed as needed by our expert technicians. The 6 or 12 month program ensures your bar is in optimal condition. 


Comprehensive System Maintenance 

Our 6 and 12-month Comprehensive System Maintenance plans encompass all the checks found in our General System Maintenance, along with the valuable addition of a Comprehensive Beer Line Clean.


Beer Line Cleaning 

Our expert technicians conduct all Beer Line Cleaning services. 

Our beer line cleaning services go above and beyond a normal line clean – it’s the Barons way! And hey, we don’t just stop at cleaning the lines. We’re committed to perfection, remember? You’ll also get: 

  • Soaked and cleaned keg couplers 
  • Soaked and cleaned taps
  • Glycol level checks 
  • Gas system leak checks
  • A Barons-certified inspection of all your equipment, reporting back if we catch something out of the ordinary that will stop you from presenting the perfect pour. 


Right Beer Solution

The definitive answer to your beer line cleaning needs, delivered by our partnership with the Barwill Group. The Right Beer solution combines Cellar Control, Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner and automated reminders, allowing you to stretch to a 6-weekly beer line cleaning schedule and save on beer wastage, labour, water and chemical usage.

CO2 Monitoring and Calibration

Installing a CO2 monitor is the first step to ensuring AS5034 compliance. To ensure continued protection for you, your staff and your patrons, Barons Beverage Services offers CO2 monitor calibration and testing every 6 months.

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