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At Barons we have been installing the peripheral services for breweries for quite some time. We remember all the bits and pieces everyone else forgets when they order their Brew Kit and spend countless hours trying to figure it out!

Our expert team will make installation seamless and carefree for your brewery.

Having set-up many breweries we can take one look and know what services need to go where, whether that’s CO2 to the carbonation stone or compressed air to your actuators, keg washer and fillers. None of these items are overlooked when you engage with the team at Barons to commission your brewery.

Beverage Dispensing
Our systems are designed to maximise the potential of your brew kit. Often this includes incorporating beverage dispense direct from your bright beer tanks. Cut out the costly labour of cleaning and filling kegs and ask us how you can pour directly from the bright tank- when the tank gets low, you’ll be able to swap back to keg beer at any point for a fresh batch without any downtime.

Glycol Chiller
Every brewery requires a glycol chiller, and that’s where our commercial refrigeration team comes in. Sizing your chiller correctly is only half the battle – condensing unit locations and pipe runs also need to be considered during the planning stage for ease of maintenance and reduced overheads.

Beer Storage
When it comes to beer, everyone knows that fresh is best – so when it comes to storage we should always try to aim for cold storage. Cool rooms capable of driving a forklift in with high-level storage will maximise your servicing ability. From a small tasting room fridge to a wholesale distribution cool room, our team can come up with a design that is purpose-built for your task.


COOL-FIT combines the best of glycol distribution with the efficiency, durability and reliability of PE plastic, making it the perfect choice for brewery operations. Interested in finding out more about COOL-FIT? Find out here.

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