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Barons Beverage Services have been operating in Western Australia since 2006. We now have more than a decade of experience installing the highest quality beverage systems from Esperance to Kununurra.

Today, Barons staff are the 4th generation of Barons to work in the beer dispense industry. Don Baron, being the father of Liam and Trent (our founders) spent 34 years working for Lion and heading up the Draught Quality Systems department before he joined the Barons team.

From growing up around the industry and learning from the industry’s best, it’s safe to say we consolidated our knowledge on beer dispensing and have passed it on firsthand to all of our employees.

Our team of expertly-trained draught specialists perform installations, maintenance, servicing, training and advice to more than 3,000 venues across our state. Whether it’s a single tap in a restaurant or the 172 taps we installed at the Camfield, Barons has the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to ensure the perfect pour.

And the perfect pour is more than a good beer – it’s good business. Our systems are designed to facilitate the financial growth and success of your enterprise.

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