Cocktail Dispense Systems

At Barons Beverage Services, we specialise in all things bars and beers. Our services extend beyond perfectly poured draught beer to include a range of cocktail dispense systems and slushy machines.

Having a cocktail dispense system in a hospitality venue can offer several benefits, with the improved quality, consistency, and efficiency of drink service making it hard to top a tipple from the tap.


With cocktails on tap, the drink’s recipe is pre-measured and consistent every time it is served, ensuring that customers receive the same quality drink each time they order it. This superior serve can help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.


Pre-mixing cocktails and having them on tap can speed up service times during busy periods, as bartenders can quickly pour the drink and move on to the next customer without having to spend time measuring and mixing each cocktail individually.

Quality Control

When making cocktails on tap, ingredients are mixed and refrigerated in advance, ensuring that the ingredients are always fresh, and the drink is served at the optimal temperature for ultimate enjoyment.

Space Saving

Pre-mixing and refrigerating cocktails on tap means that bartenders can work with less equipment and ingredients, freeing up valuable space behind the bar.

Increased Sales

Offering cocktails on tap can be a unique selling point that sets a venue apart from its competitors and can encourage customers to try new drinks that they may not have otherwise considered. Additionally, the speed and efficiency of service can encourage customers to order more drinks, increasing sales for the venue.

By maintaining a constant temperature right down to the very last drop, multi-functional slushy machines are perfect for serving a range of cold, semi-frozen or frozen beverages. The compact machines are efficient, reliable and intuitive, making them simple to use and easy to clean. Their portion control dispensing systems can offer considerable cost savings.

With our proven track record in delivering the best installations, advice and support, you can trust the Barons team to customise the ideal beverage system for your venue, completed on time and on budget, the first time.

Get in touch to chat about our cocktail and slushy systems. We’ll work with you to design a system that balances aesthetics, function and quality of service.

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