COOL-FIT Brewery Cooling System

Georg Fischer COOL-FIT PIPING SYSTEM: The Ultimate Brewery Cooling Solution

As a brewery fit out specialist, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we supply and install the COOL-FIT piping system as the go-to solution for your glycol distribution requirements. This pre-insulated plastic piping system offers extreme cooling confidence and a range of benefits, making it the clear choice for your cooling needs. COOL-FIT combines the best of glycol distribution with the efficiency, durability and reliability of PE plastic, making it the perfect choice for brewery operations. 

The thermal properties of this cutting-edge system enhances the efficiency of your cooling circuit, allowing precise temperature control and ultimately maintaining the quality of your brews. Thermal loss through the pipework is dramatically reduced when compared to stainless steel, copper and other post install insulated piping systems thanks to a system that creates a complete vapour seal preventing air ingress and the ultimate layer of insulation.

All components of the COOL-FIT system are designed to reduce thermal loss, meaning the energy required to keep your tanks cold is kept to a minimum. It also means that recovery time of the cooling system after crash cooling a tank, or cooling wort in a heat exchanger, is as efficient as possible. 

Efficient and sustainable

COOL-FIT is a more sustainable alternative to traditional metal piping systems. Its high-grade pre-insulated plastic piping significantly enhances energy efficiency by 30%, reducing both your costs and the planet’s energy consumption. By choosing COOL-FIT, you can contribute to a greener future and enjoy substantial savings. 

Corrosion resistant and durable

The COOL-FIT piping system is highly resistant to the corrosion issues plaguing glycol cooling systems due to dissolved oxygen and other potential contaminants. Being a plastic piping system this removes a large source of corrosion meaning you can rely onCOOL-FIT  for long-term efficient operation. Its plastic construction is highly durable and resistant to the wear and tear of even the harshest operating conditions, meaning the system will be less likely to suffer from leaks, cracks or damage that can result in costly downtime and repairs. 

COOL-FIT guarantees a maintenance-free operation and a minimum lifespan of 25 years, providing you with reliable and safe production.


COOL-FIT is made from the highest quality materials, making it ideal for the brewing industry, where safety standards and regulations require hygienic and safe materials. 

Partnering with industry leaders

Don’t just take our word for it. Some of WA’s most well known breweries have already switched to the COOL-FIT system. Running with Thieves, Ogdens Brewery, Bailey Brewing, Shelter Brewing, Boston Brewing, and Waverley Brewhouse are among the WA breweries that have chosen COOL-FIT for their cooling needs. Looking further afield, the likes of Morgan Territory Brewing in California, Fox Friday, and Balter Brewing all make use of COOL-FIT because it makes sense for achieving the efficiencies modern brewery operations demand. 

Did you know? Of the 2023 GABS Hottest 100 Beer Awards, the top 3 winners all use COOL-FIT. If that’s not a sign that you should consider this solution, then what is?!

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Upgrade your brewery with the COOL-FIT piping system, and experience the advantages of extreme cooling confidence, efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. 

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