Beer Pumps

Although not a new innovation, beer pumps have made great headway in venues worldwide. Every single one of our quotes comes with the option of beer pumps because they’re such a big money saver when it comes to gas consumption and beer line sizing.

Let’s jump back to the early 90’s when we were first installing beer pumps at Burswood Casino (now Crown Perth). Beer pumps were barely used, but we had to design a system that could operate from the basement and would be capable of dispensing beer 3-4 stories above. This would usually be unattainable via traditional dispense, but we decided to use post mix pumps (as beer pumps hadn’t been developed yet) to generate force at the tap. We were able to dispense ice-cold beer with a great flow rate to service the patrons of Burswood Casino 24/7.

Fast forward over 20 years and it seems like every new install or upgrade we do at Barons includes beer pumps. The benefit of beer pumps is that we can run smaller diameter lines for longer distances than ever before without losing beer quality. This means less beer is held in the lines, keeping your beer fresher for longer and resulting in less wastage.

By using compressed air to power the beer pumps we’re able to achieve 100-120 kegs to a bottle of CO2, as opposed to 15-18 kegs from a traditional gas driven dispense system.It’s a brewers dream – we now have the ability to go back to only using CO2 on the kegs (a product used during brewing) as opposed to 55% mixed gas which also contains nitrogen!

You could be saving thousands per year by switching to beer pumps. In most cases the pumps pay themselves off in less than 2 years of operation.

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