Beer Pumps

We install beer pumps that save you money on running costs and ensure your customers get the perfect pour.

Why include a beer pump in your dispense system?

Ah, the 90’s. The decade of the Tamagotchi, the Beanie Baby and the long-lost Blockbuster. You gave us many things, but we needed more.

We needed beer pumps.

In the early 90’s, the beer dispense system at Burswood Casino (now the Crown Perth) required a beer pump – something that hadn’t been invented yet – to run beer from their cool room in the basement to the bar on the 4th floor. To achieve this dispense set-up, we used post-mix pumps as a workaround to run the lines without losing pressure for the perfect pour.

Fast forward to 2024, and almost every Barons’ install includes a beer pump. A well-designed beverage system is the foundation of any successful bar. Designed to help maintain pressure from keg to font, a beer pump keeps your beer cold, fresh and perfectly crisp (just like it should be).

Pouring perfection

Every dispense system with a beer pump is designed to help you serve better beer by improving the drinking experience for your customers.

Better taste

Ice cold and fresh with the perfect amount of froth. The perfect pour, every time.

Less wastage

Running smaller lines from keg to font with increased pressure from a beer pump reduces the amount of beer held in beer lines.

Using less CO2

With compressed air powering beer pumps, a Baron’s dispense system runs over 100 kegs on one bottle of C02.

We build the systems that build venues.

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