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At Barons Beverage Services, we have used four generations of family knowledge to come up with the design of our mobile bars. 

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, our bars are designed to cater to the needs of the demanding hospitality industry. Each mobile bar comes equipped with an ice-cold hybrid chiller from Bracton and an insulated font from Andale.

Together, that means you have the ultimate mobile bar that can handle ambient outdoor settings in the peak of summer and still produce an ice-cold beer. 

Each bar is protected by an RCD and comes equipped with a double GPO on top of the bar for POS systems. We offer customisable signage for the front and sides – our bars can be dressed up or down to suit the needs of your event. 

The bars come in four-tap or five-tap variants, which are a very popular hit with the craft breweries for festivals and tend to book out pretty quickly. We also have a range of smaller one-tap, two-tap and three-tap mobile systems available in both portable and counter-top options. If you’re thinking about draught beer at home, you can also rent or lease one of our smaller mobile units before taking the plunge.

And if you enjoyed using it so much that you want to us to build one for you, we can do that too! 

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