Small Bar and Restaurant Systems

At Barons Beverage Services, we believe in delivering great beer to everyone. We’re committed to offering a complete bar design, installation and maintenance service to venues, restaurants, businesses, and even homes all across our state.

Our team is passionate about making sure that your taps pour perfection, so our draught beer solutions are curated specifically to suit the needs of your venue using only components that we genuinely believe to be the best in the market. From small-scale single-tap systems and portable countertop dispensers to modern lecterns and multi-tap under-bench systems, we can do it all.

After considering the pros and cons of each available feature, with options that include ice bank vs glycol chillers, flooded vs insulated fonts, traditional vs modern appearance and mobile vs stationary setup, we’ll help you decide which system will best suit the size and layout of your bar area. We’ll also show you the ropes so you can learn the best practice ways to operate, clean and maintain your systems.

A well-designed draught beer system will run seamlessly when installed correctly and, more importantly, a perfectly poured beer will be the reason your customers or guests pop in for a drink!

Schedule a visit from one of our expert consultants to discuss what will work best for your venue or home. Or, if you’re thinking about adding draught beer into your venue but don’t want the outlay until you know it will work, head over to our Hire Equipment page and see how we can get you started.

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