Our team covers the entire state of Western Australia – from top to bottom and east to west. We service large cities and remote mine sites and everything in between. If there’s beer to be served on tap, we’ll be there!

At Barons, we design and install systems of any size – from a single tap in your own backyard to cafes, small bars, casinos and mega-pubs like the Camfield.

When it comes to beer, fresh is best. This means that the shorter your beer lines are, the less beer sits in the lines – which also means less beer is wasted when you clean your lines. That being said, long draw systems are quite common and simply need to be designed correctly to ensure a good flow rate at the tap. We have installed systems where the kegs are over 100m from the bar location and still achieve beer at zero degrees in the glass.

Fresh is best and cold storage keeps your kegs fresher for longer – but cold storage isn’t always possible. Installing an ambient dispense system is always possible, and can be done with ease by setting the gas pressure to equilibrium and selecting the correct CO2 mixture for dispense. In Western Australia we opt for 100% CO2 in our ambient system installations and make changes to the riser lines to ensure the flow rate is not affected by the pressure required to keep the CO2 in solution.

We absolutely do. We understand how remote WA can really feel when trying to order parts from over east, which is why we have built our own stores area to house equipment and ensure we can perform any installation as quickly as possible.

We sure are! We welcome both our hospitality and home dispense clients to visit us Monday to Friday, even if it is just for some helpful advice.

Most definitely. Our bars – although designed to cater to the high demands of the hospitality industry – are frequently used for birthday parties, weddings and any other celebrations. We also have smaller mobile options and countertop dispensers. Going away on a camping trip? Think about packing a keg and a dispenser instead of cartons of beer. You’ll thank us later.

Yes, we do. We carry multiple different types of cleaners – get in contact with us today to find out our current range.

No! We have installed milk on tap, cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, cocktails on tap, wine dispense systems, post-mix systems, automated milk jugging machines – and we even have Kombucha on tap in our office. If you can dispense it, we have most likely done it.

Barons can help with pretty much everything – from getting you in contact with the right brewery consultants to installing glycol services, CO2, RO water systems and refrigeration services. Once your brewery is on site, our team can come along and get all the services ready for you to commission and begin brewing. We also design draught beer systems to integrate into your brewery, so you can dispense direct from bright tanks and remove the need for unnecessary kegging.

We deal direct to the public as well as to licensed venues. We carry spare parts for everything that we install plus more.

Barons is not an equipment manufacturer, which means we give you access to equipment from all over the world – from leading Australian manufacturers like Andale, Bracton and Lancer to international brands like Celli and Lindr. We only use the best-in-market in our installations, but if there’s something in particular that you want, get in contact with us to see what we can do.

Absolutely. Since 2007, all venues using inert gasses have been required to have a CO2 monitor in place. The monitors we use can have up to 8 sensors linked to the same unit, meaning keg rooms, postmix areas and bottle storage areas can all be linked together. We even have the ability to install automatic safety shut offs to the gas supply if a leak occurs and the level reaches the low alarm limit. This can be linked into a BMS system or reported back to us via our remote monitoring. This enables us to have a technician on site before the you’re even aware of a problem.

That’s exactly what we do, and have been for years. Draught beer dispense is a very niche industry, and takes a fair amount of knowledge to be able to design a system that will work during the absolute peak periods on the hottest day, but also keep ongoing running costs minimal. We work with many different consultants for months if not years before a project even gets off the ground to ensure that their clients are given the right information from the very begging. Doing so keeps the project costs down, and means that no one goes without an ice-cold beer.

There are a number of factors that can cause this, but for simplicity’s sake we can break it down into three different categories: temperature, gas, obstructions.

Temperature – if the beer is too warm then it’s going to release the C02 (a.k.a. carbonation). The warmer the beer, the higher the pressure of CO2 that is required to keep the beer carbonated. Even if your cool room is nice and cold, you need to check the function of your glycol chiller to make sure it’s not running warm and ‘heating’ the beer as it travels to taps.

Gas – understanding equilibrium gas pressures is extremely important when designing a draught beer system. Having too high or too low pressure on the keg can result in your beer not pouring correctly. Also using the wrong gas mixture can quickly over carbonate your kegs if not used at the correct pressure.

Obstructions – usually in the way of yeast and beer stones due to lack of cleaning. Beer is a food, which means the yeast is alive and it has the ability to grow in the system. Unpasteurised beer has a tendency to do this a lot quicker, so we need to make sure we stay on top of our cleaning. Beer relies on a perfectly smooth surface in order to not release gas, otherwise it’s like shaking up a beer bottle before cracking it when trying to pour beer out of dirty lines.

The seals in your system can also cause obstructions. If beer tap seals, along with other system seals aren’t routinely maintained, they can begin to protrude and agitate the beer as it passes by them.

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