CO2 Monitoring and Calibration

In 2005, the beverage gas standard ‘Australian Standard AS5034’ was introduced. This standard outlines requirements for the use of inert gases for beverage dispensing, including all the hazards of compressed and refrigerated gases like carbon dioxide. The solution Barons can supply and install a CO2 gas monitoring system specifically designed to warn personnel of a carbon dioxide leak or to the depletion of oxygen (if the O2 option is chosen). The CO2 gas monitoring system is installed within the cellar and has a remote indicator placed outside the room that emits an audible and visible alarm when toxic levels have been reached. CO2 gas monitoring systems are tailored for each individual location to ensure you are compliant with AS5034. Our monitors can have 7 additional sensors added to the system totalling 8 areas to one central unit. Taking safety seriously? Ask us to connect your CO2 monitor into one of our remote monitoring systems so we will be notified whenever the levels start to rise. Maintenance In accordance with AS5034 each CO2 gas monitor is required to be calibrated every 6 months. Our highly skilled staff will discuss and inform you of your obligations and ongoing maintenance scheduling.  

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