Barons Beverage Services Partners with Barwill Group for Cleaner WA Beer Line Systems

The future of beer line cleaning for WA venues

  • Barons Beverage Services partner with Barwill Group to distribute the Right Beer Solution to WA hospitality industry
  • The Right Beer Solution combines CellarControl technology with Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner
  • CellarControl uses technology to reduce yeast and bacteria growth
  • Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner is safer for staff, HACCP certified and non-

Barons Beverage Services have partnered with Barwill Group, as of March 2020, to provide the Right Beer Solution to the hospitality industry throughout WA. The Solution combines CellarControl electronic technology with Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner to provide a safer and more efficient cleaning option for hospitality venues.

“We are always looking at ways to add value to our clients and Right Beer Solutions is the future of beer line cleaning. Venues currently using CellarControl are saving a combined 17,000L of beer wastage per week which is a saving of roughly $5.3 million per year”, says Barons Managing Director, Liam Baron.

The technology inhibits ‘bio-film’, a glue-like substance containing yeast that naturally develops on beer line walls which leads to increased beer wastage and impacts the presentation.

Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner (MEBLC) is the safest and most effective beer line cleaning chemical currently available. It is HACCP certified, near pH neutral, safe for users, drain-safe and non-corrosive. Using MEBLC can improve OH&S standards and reduce risk to staff compared to harsher caustics.

Regular line cleaning is an important step for all draught beer venues to ensure the highest quality and freshest beer is always served to the patrons. The Right Beer Solution ensures 24/7 protection without diminishing beer quality or flavour. It enables venues to increase efficiency and provide a safer workplace.

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