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Improve your beer quality by reducing your cleaning schedule

Barons has partnered with the Barwill Group, who provide the Right Beer Solution. The Right Beer Solution incorporates a combination of two elements – Cellar Control and an enzyme-based chemical that provides the safest cleaning solution for your venue and allows you to clean less often.

Cellar Control is installed in the cool room over your keg lines and provides 24/7 protection using patented sweeping sonic technology. This drastically reduces the opportunity for bio-film growth and further contamination.

Introducing CellarControl combined with maxi-enzyme

For many years now, the beer industry has been heavily involved in the training of OH&S procedures in venues regarding how to best handle the very dangerous pH14 beer line cleaning caustics. The harsh reality is these chemicals will inflict permanent injury if safe practices are not acutely followed on every single occasion.

The safest and surest method is to use a safer product and system.

The combination of CellarControl and enzyme based chemicals provides the safest cleaning solution for your venue and allows you to clean less often, which minimises the ‘risk opportunities’…all without affecting tap beer quality.

What are the benefits?


Our solution provides 24/7 protection and 'flattens the dirt curve'. The beer quality is consistently high every day of the year, not just the days after a line clean.


Our multi-enzymatic cleaner is the safest and the most effective cleaner on the market. It is near pH neutral, HACCP certified, non-corrosive and water based, making it safer to handle.


Extending the line cleans to every 6 weeks saves on beer wastage, labour, water and chemical usage. Furthermore, feedback we have received is that venue staff clean more thoroughly every 6 weeks, rather than ‘lazy and repetitive fortnightly clean’.


On average, each venue using the Right Beer Solution beer line cleaning method receives a 33% saving on beer wastage.

Who benefits?


Who doesn’t love exceptional quality tap beer? With increasing awareness of a ‘clean beer’, drinkers often select their venues based on the delivery of a ‘quality beer experience’.


Your staff will love using a much safer cleaning chemical that won’t cause permanent personal damage like the pH14 caustics can. Plus, cleaning 8 times a year versus 26 times alleviates tardiness.


Our solution maintains the beer system 24/7, inhibiting biofilm growth, which taints the taste and appearance of beer. Serve beer as the brewer intended!


Improving OH&S, minimising wastage and providing an exceptional quality tap beer for returning drinkers can only be a successful outcome…

cellar control

Reducing biofilm growth and improving beer quality

What is CellarControl?

CellarControl uses scientifically tested Sweeping Sound Technology to treat the root cause of beer line contamination – biofilm. Acting as a ‘glue’ on the beer line walls and containing harmful yeast and bacteria growth, biofilm grows quickly and is the main cause of beer spoilage. CellarControl inhibits this biofilm growth, allowing you to serve great quality beer with less line cleaning.

Installed in the cool room, CellarControl has 24/7 Protection and operates all day, every day to inhibit bacteria from attaching to the linings of the draught beer system. This drastically reduces the opportunity of bio-film growth and further contamination. Each beer has an activator wired to a control box that only draws 1 amp of power. One activator is attached over the beer line, adjacent the keg, and can service multiple taps and large distances.

Why choose CellarControl?


Using scientifically-tested Sweeping Sound Technology, CellarControl drastically reduces biofilm growth, with improved beer quality compared to fortnightly cleans – so you can serve better quality beer, for longer.


With CellarControl you can wait every 6 weeks before you do a beer line clean, which significantly reduces beer wastage, chemicals, water usage, labour and time.


CellarControl’s cleaning cycle has been tested and endorsed by EcoDiagnostics – a leading Government accredited laboratory specialising in beer testing for major brewers.

beer line cleaning in WA

The best chemical for beer line cleaning

Safe to handle, non-caustic, effective and proven to work

Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner (MEBLC) is a multi-enzymatic cleaner which is the safest and most effective beer line cleaning solution available today. It is a powerful multi-enzymatic cleaner, HACCP Certified, near pH neutral and safe to use.

This advanced cleaner has been designed to attack the organic molecules found within beer systems. Its Australian designer is a leader within the global healthcare sanitisation sector and has over 25 years of research and development behind its success.

Biofilm (bacteria) can naturally defend itself from some caustic cleaners. The bacterial layers that hold the bacteria party together can harden with caustic cleaning, whereby trapping biofilm within the system. This enzyme formulation attacks the proteins protecting the biofilm, allowing it to be easily flushed out.

In the enzymatic cleaning process, each enzyme targets its own substrate, resulting in the removal of the layers comprising and protecting the biofilm. Maxi-Enzyme is non-corrosive and can be disposed down the drain.

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