Barons is the draught beer system provider of choice for Perth Craft Beer Festival 2020

Barons is the beer system provider of choice for PCBF 2020

Barons Beverage Services has partnered with the Perth Craft Beer Festival as the provider of choice for Draught Beer Dispense in 2020. Barons will provide mobile bar systems to some of the nation’s most popular craft beer makers as they share their brews with Perth on September 4th-6th at Claremont Showground.

Festival-goers will also enjoy Barons’ custom-made Golf Cart Beer Caddy and Beer-Pong table at the event. Barons are dedicated to product development and dispensing brews in fun, innovative ways. Barons’ Golf Cart Beer Caddy & Auto-Beer-Pong table are notable examples of this. The Golf Cart Beer Caddy allows transportation of beer through a crowd – a great option for brewers who want to get amongst the action. The never-before-seen Beer-Pong table takes a party classic and makes it more dynamic, with a beer dispensing unit connected to the table!

“The Perth craft beer festival is a great way to showcase a huge range of craft beer to Perth beer lovers at a single time and all under one roof. Partnering with Bar Pop to be the supplier of draught beer systems for the event allows us to showcase what we are really about; high quality dispense systems, that allow each brewery to showcase their beers perfectly every time,” says Barons Managing Director, Liam Baron.

Barons’ mobile bar systems are highly regarded in WA. The systems are constructed entirely from stainless steel, equipped with a hybrid chiller and an insulated font. The mobile bars are able to handle Australia’s ambient outdoor settings, so beer lovers will receive a well-poured, ice cold pint with every purchase.

The Aussie craft beer culture has grown monumentally, with an average industry growth rate of 9.7% from 2014-2019 and strong projections for the next five years. Craft beer consumers enjoy the story behind the beer – the bespoke brewing process, unique, high-quality ingredients, the maker’s vision and the chance to support local brewers.

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