Things you might not be doing that will save your venue money

Reducing venue costs with maintenance and training

How beer system maintenance and training can save you time…and money

Running a business can be tough. Especially in hospitality where margins are thin and unforeseen issues can cause a huge disruption to your bottom line.

Nobody likes to lose money when it could have been prevented, so we’ve put together some money-saving tips which can be easily overlooked.

You could be pouring money down the drain.. literally!

One of the biggest oversights we’ve noticed in our experience is the lack of training and knowledge that bar staff have on the equipment they’re using every day. Simply put, if your staff aren’t trained properly, you are losing money.

So, what should your staff be trained on?

  1. How to pour a beer!

This is actually more common than you might think. Bar staff who have not been shown the proper techniques involved in pouring from the taps can waste a lot of product when they pour beer down the drain trying to get it right, or they discard beer when there is a large head on the beverage. Proper training on pouring technique when the staff member first joins the team is the easiest way to prevent this issue from occurring.

  1. Recognising equipment issues

If your staff are given some basic training about the beer dispense system, they will have a better understanding of how it is supposed to operate and what to look for if a system requires repair. By recognising when there is a problem, they are less likely to continue to use the equipment and cause further damage. They may also be able to quickly resolve an issue themselves, if it is something minor. By pairing this training with beer pouring, an employee should also be able to identify if the product is not flowing out of the taps the way it should, thus identifying any issues sooner. 

When the taps stop flowing, the dollars stop showing

If your beer dispense system experiences a major issue, your bar may experience significant downtime or a lower standard of beverage, such as unpleasant taste or sub-par drink temperatures. Patrons will go elsewhere and even lose faith in your venue- not to mention going thirsty!

Reducing your risk of downtime is as easy as ensuring you have scheduled preventative maintenance for your beer dispense system. At Barons, we offer this service bi-annually. 

Servicing of your system is comprehensive and will include replacement of worn seals, checking glycol levels and potential gas leaks, beer line cleaning and CO2 monitor checks. Our highly trained experts work through your system from tap right back to couplers and make any standard adjustments on the spot. They also keep an eye out for any potential hazards that may require attention in the future and can order replacement parts from our large stock holding of spare parts in our Canning Vale warehouse. 

Scheduling your maintenance in advance means you will have a more reliable dispense system, retaining your credibility amongst patrons, and saving you money in the long-term as you shouldn’t experience unforeseen problems which require expensive repairs.

Proper staff training and scheduled preventative maintenance. Saving money can be that easy! If you need a hand with either of these, Barons is more than happy to help. For more information, give us a call on 1300 893 705!

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