4 modern beer trends every Aussie venue should know!

How to stay on top of modern beer trends in Australia

It’s no secret that Aussies love their beer – but over the years of our brew drinking, there has been an evolving culture of beer trends and taste preferences that have continuously kept our fellow venue operators working hard to meet these changing needs. 

On top of all this, following a challenging 2020, venue owners had it even tougher when it came to getting customers through their doors, calling for some serious innovation and creativity on their part. It is these trends that have helped venues navigate challenges and continue to keep their doors open. With radical changes in consumer purchasing decisions, the beverages industry’s performance has demonstrated its ability to adapt to radically shifting circumstances in the operating environment.

At Barons, we’ve been in the Aussie beverage scene for more than 14 years so we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date on the changing trends and our extreme knowledge on all things beer! We’re here to help you keep your business in the loop so you can keep on doing what you do best. 

Here are 4 trends that are shaping the beverage industry of 2021:

Growing diversity in craft

Evolved from beer lovers tinkering with their homebrew kits, dabbling with their different flavours and own personal take, the diversity of craft beer is embedded in origins and is only expected to grow. Craft brewers across the country are increasingly becoming the focal point of beer festivals, bringing their unique cultures along with them. With the increased development of micro-breweries as the market matures and a rise in consumer demand for premium and innovative offerings, the diversity of the craft beer industry is only forecast to grow. At Barons, we are stoked to be fully on board with this 2021 trend and are excited to see that craft brewing continues to become the more inclusive space it needs to be. 

Alternative beverages

Believe it or not, but strictly beer is a thing of the past. These days the cool taprooms fill their taps with a variety of alternative beverages including bubbly hard seltzers, espresso cocktails, fruity kombucha flavours, and most likely, a few non-alcoholic options. Each year, there are now more compelling alternatives, with the complex taste profiles of alcoholic counterparts hitting the shelves of venues across Australia. The growth of alternative products has been resonating with consumers, giving drinkers variety – making the switch to non-alcoholic options easier than ever before. As Aussies continue to become more health-conscious, we are sure to see non-alcoholic beverages continue to boom. At Barons, we’ve worked with several clients from industries outside of alcoholic beverages, including Filament Coffee. We helped these guys with the installation of their bigger brewing system, allowing their team to brew in bigger batches.

Sour beers stay popular

Sour beers have seemingly been a growing niche in recent years, with these funky, fruity, tart brews blowing up in sales and earning their place on everyday menus of bars and taprooms. Part of the reason for their popularity is that the selection of sours has become increasingly diverse, appealing to a large demographic of drinkers. From light and smooth to bold and fruity, sour beers can satisfy wine drinkers who occasionally dabble in beer or the hardcore beer nerds who enjoy exploring the realm of crafts.  So if you’re gonna stay ahead of the beer game this year, impress your guests with a sour.

The aluminium can shortage

Amidst the COVID-19 chaos, a slow shortage in aluminium occurred across various countries around the globe. Craft beer also contended with an aluminium shortage, affecting consumer access to canned beverages. However, a factor of this may result in consumers turning to their local bar or restaurant for their cold one. This return to beer on tap, and cocktails by the glass, should alleviate the strain on aluminium while having significant sustainable benefits to the environment. With draft beer continually considered the preferred way to have a beer, Aussies are able to enjoy their brew in the freshest and best-protected way. 

At Barons, we believe the perfect pour is more than a good beer – it’s good business. Our systems are designed to facilitate the financial growth and success of your enterprise. If you’re looking for some guidance on your tap system, get in touch with us here or reach out for a chat on 1300 893 705 and discover the true experience of beer – just as the brewer intended.


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