How an in-office bar can take your workspace to the next level

Let’s talk about the benefits of an in-office bar

Google, Amazon, Yelp and Vice…some of the world’s most respected (and successful) companies don’t hold back when it comes to employee perks – think chef-prepared meals, gym facilities and on-site hairdressers. These companies love their staff and they’re not afraid to show it, but what’s in it for them?

Well, happy workers are good workers, which means greater employee satisfaction, better workplace culture and higher quality work. There’s often great ROI when it comes to providing employee benefits, but for many companies, chef-prepared meals are just not feasible. Luckily, if you can’t see an on-site gym working or a resident hairdresser moving in, an in-office bar should do the trick!

The benefits of an in-office bar 

Forget Happy Hour drinks at the overpriced pub down the road…you’ll be pouring perfect pints from your very own office! Sure, an in-house bar will be a whole lot of fun, but the benefits also extend to the business bottom line.

  • Office collaboration – An in-office bar provides the perfect hub for employees to connect and collaborate, amazing ideas aren’t solely born in the boardroom! When it comes to innovation, research has found that employees desire social connection and engagement. There’s no denying that meeting rooms have an important place, but it’s the regular, informal interactions that encourage fun, creative collaboration between staff. An in-house bar is the perfect place for your team to enjoy a relaxed meeting over an ice-cold beer.
  • Building friendships– An in-office bar can help create more opportunities for your team to bond. Is there a better way to network and strengthen team relationships than with a brew in hand? We don’t think so!
  • Attracting talent – Not only is an in-office bar something that’d please your current employees (no surprises there), but it’s also a company asset that many modern workers find very attractive. If you’re looking to attract and retain more progressive, modern workers for your team, an in-office bar is the perfect cheeky selling point.
You’re not restricted to beer! 

One of the best parts about a Barons dispense system is that you’ve got plenty of options. Looking to cater to your alcohol-free employees? If you can dispense it, we’ve most likely done it. We’ve installed milk on tap, cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, on-tap cocktails, wine dispense systems, post-mix systems and even automated milk jugging machines. No matter what you’re looking to dispense in your in-office bar, we’ll get it done!

Getting the most bang for your buck

To keep your system pouring perfectly, maintenance is key. Fortunately, at Barons, we take the stress out of dispense system maintenance. We offer a range of servicing options, along with fully maintained beer line cleaning services to keep taps pouring at their best. With us, your in-office bar will be in the safest hands in WA.

Not ready to commit just yet?

We understand that installing a bar in your office can feel like a big step. While it’s all very exciting, it’s perfectly okay to want to walk before you run. If you’d like to try out a temporary bar, or you’re catering for a specific event, learn more about our equipment for hire!

Final thoughts

At Barons, we’ve been in the beer dispense industry for four generations, so we’re no strangers to designing solutions for unique spaces. From man caves to rooftop terraces, mobile bars to superyachts, we’ve installed in all different scenarios with the same result every time…a happy customer and ice-cold beer. No matter the shape, size or floor of your office, we’ll set your bar up to match your unique requirements. Get in touch to discuss your in-office bar today!

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