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Big Enough for the Major Brewers, Small Enough to Care for Independent Bar Owners – The Barons Beverage Services Story

Beer Is Hard Wired into the Baron Family DNA

Setting up a bar is an expensive exercise, so it’s important you know you can trust the faces behind the work.

4 generations of the Baron family have worked in the Beer dispense industry. Yes, it’s hard-wired into their DNA!

Liam Baron, Director and Co-founder, understands intuitively every bar has a personality. How could it be any other way for a kid who tagged along with his brewery-employed dad just about every school holidays!

He sees it come alive, with every design, installation and consultation he does.

It’s what has made Barons Beverage Services an industry leader.

From the ‘hands-on’ owner/operator to investors and corporate hotel groups, Barons Beverage Services has you covered.

And Liam KNOWS every bar has one thing in common – a beating heart that pumps cold, crisp beer to your customer’s glasses.

Yes, your bar is alive, and your keg to tap system is the pulse that keeps it thriving.

The great news is Liam and the team at Baron’s Beverage Services are always on the lookout for innovative new ideas and better ways to do things.

At every opportunity, they ask key questions…

  • How can we do things more effectively?
  • Can this be more cost effective?
  • How can we save the customer more money?
  • How can we constantly improve what we are doing?

Which is vital because the industry is going through a transition period with the move towards more craft beers and every venue wanting their own key point of difference.

It’s one of the reasons why Barons Beverage Services are the preferred installer in WA for Lion and they have a string of independent bar set ups to their name.

When you work with Liam and the Baron Beverage Services team you’ll get the same second to none high standards the big brewers insist on. Plus, because they’re a family company you get the personal touch as well.

From their office in Canning Vale with 5-permanent staff, the Baron family are proud of the enviable reputation they’ve created in the industry.

As Liam says, “We just love beer and love helping bar owners bring consistent quality product to their customers”.

Maybe it’s your turn…