Tips for a successful festive season at your venue!

Get Silly Season Ready!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the most wonderful time for a beer – the festive season is almost upon us!  For many business owners, this period means booked out venues, happy customers, and sales that’d have anyone feeling jolly. For others, it means stress, headaches, and mediocre customer experiences. So what sets these venues apart? Well, the key to a merry holiday period is preparation At Barons, we’ve been in the beer dispense industry for four generations, so we’ve navigated our way through a silly season or two. We’re here to help you have your most successful silly season yet. Here are our top tips for a successful festive season at your venue! 
Ensuring your system is balanced correctly
Your venue is booked out. Happy customers are flocking in and they’re ready to spend big – but wait, what’s that? Your dispense system is pouring an endless sea of froth!  Draught beer is an asset to your venue, but achieving smooth, steady, easy-pourin’ brews is a real balancing act. Without the correct system balancing, you can run the risk of serving beer that’s flat, too heady, or just not quite right. You’ll need to prepare for the festive season by getting your system in tip-top shape. This involves factoring in things like beer temperature, keg pressure, line elevation, and line length. Luckily we’ve covered system balancing in our most recent blog post ‘The importance of balancing your beer system correctly’. Otherwise, if you’re looking for some hands-on help in the lead up to Chrissy, give us a call
Sales forecasting
There’s nothing worse than running out of your most popular brew. That’s wasted sales,  disappointed customers, and overall, an experience that could’ve been avoided. Have you felt the wrath of a craft beer connoisseur? We don’t want them boycotting your bar ‘cause you’re out of IPA kegs! The best way to prepare for the silliest of seasons is to ensure that you’ve got plenty of stock on hand. When you factor in all the staff Christmas parties, holiday catch-ups, and boozy festive celebrations to come, there’s bound to be a spike in demand. Prepare for this by taking a look back at last year’s sales report. Pay attention to what sold, what didn’t, and ensure that you’ve got a decent holding of your most popular brews. 
Emergency response
You know what they say… fail to prepare and prepare to fail. To ensure that business runs smoothly this festive season, it’s important to have a plan in case of a beer emergency. At Barons, our staff are on standby in the case of an emergency. Whether it’s a problem with your dispense system, refrigeration, or other equipment, we’ve got reliable support ready ‘on tap’. Simply fill out this form and we’ll provide the help that your venue needs. Consider us your emergency response team, without the uniform and helmets. 
Maintenance is key
During the busy holiday period, one day of downtime is far too many. Without undertaking regular system maintenance, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your venue’s lifeline. In the lead-up to the silly season, ensure that your dispense system is given a full maintenance check-over. While it may be tempting to undertake repairs and important checks independently, the changing of seals and checking of glycol, gas leaks, and CO2 monitors is better left to the professionals. Give us a call to discuss your maintenance needs and we’ll get your system ready for a hop-py holiday period.
Final thoughts
While there’s a lot more that goes into a smooth running silly season, getting your dispense system in good shape is a good place to start. At Barons, we believe the perfect pour is more than a good beer – it’s good business. If you’re looking for some guidance on getting your system ready for Christmas, get in touch with us here or reach out for a chat on 1300 893 705. 

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