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“I guess at the end of the day, I’m a bar owner. I’m not an expert in beer systems so that’s why I need Barons. Trust is a massive part of our relationship with Barons. We’ve never had an opening day where anything has gone wrong so they’ve got a 100% record for us.”
– Tim McLernon

Three Pound Group, a prominent hospitality organisation in Western Australia, has established itself as a reputable provider of exceptional experiences. With a strong emphasis on bars and beers, this family-run business has cultivated expertise in various facets of the industry, including draught planning, installation, preventative maintenance, servicing, and training.

Throughout their tenure in Western Australia, we’ve been proud to establish a longstanding relationship with the Three Pound Group team. Collaboration throughout The Camfield, The Elford, Good Company, Stables Bar and The Reveley has undoubtedly brought its challenges, but our collective crews have developed a strong eye for detail and delivery to ensure each venue’s unique personality can shine through and be fit for purpose.

Through this collaboration, Three Pound Group has been able to deliver perfectly poured and refreshing beverages to their patrons, time and time again. The partnership between Three Pound Group and Barons Beverage Services underscores our shared values and commitment to providing outstanding service and top-notch beverages in the hospitality industry.

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