Good Company

Good Company is the latest venue from Perth hospitality group – Three Pound Group.

Their latest venue is all about bringing vibes to the Karrinyup area with great food, entertainment, a full range of flowing beers and cocktails, and a special place for you…the Good Company. 

Having completed the draught beer system install for their latest establishment, the Elford Bar in Mount Lawley, as well as having done all of the group’s previous venues (Stables Bar, Reveley, Camfield), it was clear that we were the perfect choice to create an energy-efficient and quality installation that also provided continuity for staff moving between their different venues. 

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

Good Company, being located at the new Karrinyup shopping precinct, was designed to have a different ‘vibe’ to all of the Three Pound Group’s previous sites. Beer was always the heavy focus across their other venues that have opened, and although Good Company boasts a solid 64 taps throughout, this site was aimed to make cocktails the centrepiece. So the task at hand involved installing taps along the back wall to free up front bar space for making cocktails.

What was the nature of your solution?

Our team designed a custom font that could house 16 different taps at four locations which were installed into the wall. Knowing the benefits of insulated fonts, their energy efficiency and how much beer wastage they prevent, the design needed to incorporate the functionality of a normal insulated font, but achieve the right aesthetic within the venue as outlined by the team at Cross Design. We settled on a custom powder coat square design and then began the toughest part of the job: fitting the fonts into the wall whilst not impacting the structural design. 

Our team worked closely with Utopia Constructions (who we had teamed up with many times before on projects including Market Grounds, Waverley, Reveley and Whitfords Brewing) to ensure our designs fitted around other plumbing works that also needed to use this space. Structural beams, plumbing pipework and electrical wiring limited the locations that the lines could be installed. Our team provided a solution that required the fonts to have different entry points for the pythons at every station. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

Some of the taps backed directly onto the cool room wall, whilst others ran through ceiling spaces and down through cavities. This meant that careful attention was given to balancing the system to ensure that all four beer stations poured at the same speed. Line diameter, friction coefficient and the distance the lines travel are all factors that need to be considered to achieve the perfect pour every time, no matter which station you are pouring from. Each station was perfectly balanced to allow for this. 

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 64

Font Type: Custom Wall Mounted Insulated Square Fonts

Font Finish: Powder Coat

System Type: Chiller Plate and Beer Pumps

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