Johnny Fox’s

Johnny Fox’s comes from Perth hospitality legends Clint Nolan (Henry Summer, Joe’s Juice Joint, Sneaky Tony’s, Alabama Song and La Cholita) and Paul Maloney (Scarborough’s iconic Irish spot Galway Hooker) so you know it’s going to be good! 

Johnny Fox’s has everything you love about an Irish pub – live music you can jig to, the perfect Sunday roast and of course, arguably the best Guinness you can get outside of Ireland.

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

The Lavish Habits group acquired another venue to add to their growing portfolio and needed a complete overhaul of the existing beer system. Johnny Fox takes over the old (and iconic) Rosie O’Grady’s site in Northbridge – a long-standing Irish pub where the equipment was dated and in need of replacement. 

What was the nature of your solution?

Using as much of the existing equipment as we could to reduce the cost of refurbishment, the entire draught beer system was upgraded in both sections of the venue. Replacing beer pythons, installing insulated beer fonts and the addition of beer pumps aimed to massively reduce running costs and beer wastage within the venue. Working alongside the team at ICS Australia and Western Stainless, the project came together with a very quick turnaround to be open in time for Fringe Festival 2021.

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

Like any good Irish pub, the client needed a system designed that would ensure the Guinness and Kilkenny would taste as good as it does in Ireland, so naturally, quality was a main focus for the management group of the venue. 

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 76

Font Type: Insulated 6-way & 12-way Double Tee

Font Finish: Antique Brass

System Type: Chiller Plate & Beer Pumps

BARONS FACT: Johnny Fox’s continues the tradition of having a dedicated Irish themed pub in Northbridge. Somewhere to go and drink the liquid black gold they call Guinness.

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