Little Creatures

Located right on the water’s edge and overlooking the Fremantle Harbour, Little Creatures is a flavour-loving brewery, offering a unique and delicious range of beverages satisfying the taste buds of Freo locals and visitors alike.

What was once the old Fremantle crocodile farm, is now home to Fremantle’s iconic brewery. Originally established in 2000, Little Creatures has since gained immense popularity across WA and Australia, expanding its multiple franchises over on the east coast.

Simply walk in without a booking and grab a beer straight from the conditioning tanks. Complement your beverage of choice with a wholesome meal from the venue’s restaurant, indulging in share plates, wood-fired pizzas and their house favourite – fries with aioli.

Immerse yourself in the lively Great Hall dining room, where visitors enjoy a Fremantle lunch or dinner among steel tanks, bustling brewers in high vis and the marked aroma of beer. The spacious industrial style venue is perfect for families too,  with its extensive outdoor seating and wraparound balcony – plus they even have a backyard sandpit to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy your visit to the Great Hall.

You can even jump on the brewery tour with one of the resident beer connoisseurs and learn all about the brewing process, raw ingredients list and the great Little Creatures story – of course, finishing up with a guided tasting of their extensive range of beers.

For a vibrant atmosphere, filled with delicious food, great service, and quality craft beer – this place ticks all the boxes.

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing? They wanted the whole beer system gutted and a brand new one installed in 2.5 days. We worked four 17-hour days to remove all 64 taps and install 78 new ones with a brand new coolroom set up that allowed them to pour directly from their holding tanks.

Was there anything uniquely challenging about this project? The venue only wanted to close Monday and Tuesday and reopen on Wednesday so we had to do massive hours to make sure we hit this deadline.

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 78

Font Type: Custom Double Creatures Fonts

Font Finish: Satin Nickel

System Type: Beer pumps and fobs with the ability to run off serving tanks

BARONS FACT: Each technician had an IV drip with a mix of red bull and coffee plumbed straight into our veins for 5 days.

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