Market Grounds

Paying homage to its historical marketplace roots, Market Grounds is the new-age pub located right in the heart of Kings Square, marking the first inner-city link between the CBD and Northbridge in more than 100 years.

The double-story pub’s delicious food & beverage offerings and centrally located venue makes for the perfect meeting place for casual drinks with colleagues, large-scale soirees, and anything in between.   

There are a total of 20 taps behind the wide-spread ground floor bar, another 6 in the garden bar, and a further 8 in the upstairs bar, pouring a range of beers, ciders, and cocktails. 

Market Grounds has quickly become the go-to Friday after-work drinks location for the Perth CBD.

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

The ARK Group, a long-time Barons client, was opening another venue and in need of a high-quality draught dispense system. Custom designed to handle three different zones within the venue and maximise customer serviceability. 

What was the nature of your solution?

A multi-zoned draught dispense system powered by beer pumps and incorporating the Right Beer Solution – a beer line cleaning system designed to maintain high-quality beer for longer periods of time. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

The ARK Group only uses insulated fonts within their venues due to their ability to reduce wastage whilst pouring a beer – saving an additional 19mL of beer with every pour.

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 34

Font Type: Millhouse Font

Font Finish: Sandblast

System Type: Chiller plate, Fobs, beer pumps

BARONS FACT: The Barons team cleans the lines and maintains the entire system for the ARK Group on a regular basis, ensuring their system can handle the high demand placed on it.

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