National Hotel Fremantle

Built in 1868, this iconic Federation free classical style 5-storey hotel is one of the port city’s most iconic destinations. Located right in the heart of Fremantle, the award-winning National Hotel perfectly blends the old design with the new. 

With a traditional pub and restaurant stretched out onto two levels with wrap-around verandas and Fremantle’s only rooftop bar, The National Hotel offers plenty of spaces to eat, drink and host functions.  

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

A complete revamp of another heritage listed building in the heart of Fremantle. A bar split across two main levels being operated from a basement level cool room requiring ice cold beer for their patrons. The venue has also identified the desire for a future rooftop bar, however this could not operate from the basement level due to length of run and rise, which would ultimately provide poor beer quality. 

What was the nature of your solution?

Being run from a basement cool room and having to go up over two levels to get to the 2nd level of the bar, this system required some engineering. There were two options – increase line size to allow for good beer flow at the tap, or install beer pumps, which would keep the line diameter smaller and still allow for a good flow rate. This reduces the venue’s operational costs during line cleaning, as larger diameter lines hold more beer and increases the cost of each sale. The venue opted to go with our recommendation, which was to install beer pumps. Not only did this save them beer during line cleaning, but it also reduced their potential gas bill by up to 80%. Sticking to a more traditional pub feel, the venue wanted gold beer fonts with a twist – so opted for the fan font. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

The rooftop bar of The National was not added for a few years, but due to the limited number of taps and the length of run, it was opted for a stand alone underbench system in the rooftop area.

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 38

Font Type: Andale Fan Font 8-way

Font Finish: Gold

System Type: Chiller Plate + Beer Pumps. Plus ambient under bench on the rooftop.

BARONS FACT: The team behind the National Hotel are the same team at Old Fremantle Courthouse – another heritage listed site being brought back to life as a hospitality space.

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