The Shoe

Located in bustling Yagan Square, The Shoe is the perfect central location for after-work drinks and weekend catch-ups. Open from breakfast all the way through to the evening, The Shoe features West Australian produce on its menu and a great selection of local wines and beers. 

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

A brand new two-level venue was being built in the latest connection between Perth and Northbridge – Yagan Square. The Shoe required beer taps in the main upstairs area, as well as the smaller downstairs bar and cafe area. Because they only had a small bar space to work with, the client needed to be able to serve beers across the bar without being blocked by the beer taps. They needed a compact solution that wouldn’t hinder serviceability or speed of service. 

What was the nature of your solution?

Working alongside architectural building designers Cross Design, we had custom height fonts built to allow for a glass to be passed over the serve-over and underneath the crossbar of the font, allowing staff to serve customers with ease. This meant they didn’t have to move around the bar to provide drinks to customers – this was already going to be a very tight space to work during busy periods and we needed to make it as easy as possible. Underneath each beer font, there was a glass fridge between our two uprights which required some custom work with the pythons to allow the fridge to fit without stopping the beer taps from working.

We installed one of our signature beer pump systems, enabling the client to see ongoing savings on gas due to their ability to reduce usage by 80%. Being located in Yagan Square, there is not much room for the back of house storage, so anything we could do to reduce the number of bottles being held on-site also meant space was freed up for other items. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

Alongside the beer system, we also installed a chilled water font that connected to the glycol system to allow for cold water for patrons without needing a dedicated water chiller. The Shoe is focused on energy efficiency so we had to supply a water-cooled condenser refrigeration unit. This means a mains water system removes heat from the condenser and allows for the refrigeration process to take place. 

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 18

Font Type: Bracton – Brooklyn Font 6-way x 3

Font Finish: Raw Copper

System Type: Chiller Plate & Beer Pumps

BARONS FACT: The beer fonts selected in the venue were finished in raw copper. This was intentional so they would age with the venue. When first installed the fonts were bright copper, and now they have a tarnished look which suits the interior design of the space perfectly. 

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