The Standard

One of Perth’s finest Asian eateries, The Standard sets… the standard… for unique cocktails, divine cuisine and an atmosphere that is equal parts cool, sophisticated and street. 

Located in the heart of Northbridge, The Standard has the perfect relaxed and fun atmosphere to make it a definite crowd-pleaser. Best days of the week to go? Hawker Wednesday will delight your tastebuds with a $25 Asian-inspired dish and drink or head in for Lazy Weekends with a chefs selection and a bevvy or three served to your group on a lazy Susan. 

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing?

The Standard was already a well-established venue serving amazing cocktails as well as modern Asian inspired cuisine. A venue that the Barons team loved to frequent – but we also longed for the ability to mix in an ice-cold draught beer. We guess others had the same feeling, as The Standard team reached out to us to design two 4-tap systems to integrate into their existing venue. The brief was: 

“Provide the best equipment you can, to serve the coldest beer possible from an ambient system. Make it blend in so as not to be the focus, but make it be known that it is there.” 

We love a brief like this because it means our client trusts our suggestions and that quality is the most important thing so we don’t need to sacrifice anything to hit a budget.

What was the nature of your solution?

The indoor and outdoor spaces required two very different systems. Indoors, we were restricted to only under bench space. There was not enough room for a traditional upright chiller and four kegs, so we found the space underneath the ice well, modified the drainage and installed a horizontal hybrid-sealed celli chiller. This enabled us to use what was considered dead space within the venue, whilst using a highly energy-efficient chiller. Plus, being sealed increases its vapour seal and prolongs the life of the chemical inside it. The kegs were positioned around the bar to not interfere with cocktail making and prep whilst also avoiding any heat sources which would age the kegs quicker than ideal. An insulated font was installed which reduces the run time of the chiller, and also massively reduces beer wastage.

On the other hand, the outside space was fortunate enough to have an existing cool room – although it was very full with other products already. We were able to modify the shelving to allow the kegs to sit on the ground so the client would lose minimal shelf storage. From there we ran a small python out of the cool room and into another sealed hybrid celli chiller and up to an insulated font. This system provided the client with the ultimate solution – the coldest beer possible with the most energy-efficient chiller on the market and an insulated font which further increased the system’s energy efficiency while reducing beer wastage. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job?

Modifying the bar to allow for the chiller to sit underneath the ice well in the indoor area was a game-changer for the venue – it freed up a lot of space which allows for more visitors to come in and enjoy the perfect pour!

Beer Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 8

Font Type: Andale  4-way Insulated Font

Font Finish: Black Sapphire

System Type: Under Bench – Hybrid-Insulated

BARONS FACT: The Standard is owned by John Parker, who after using Barons for the Standard install, engaged us again a few years later to install at the Royal.

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