Founded in 2010, WeWork is a global co-working space group that has opened up here in Perth. WeWork specialises in creating unique workspaces to help keep teams productive and creative by supporting established companies and start-ups alike.

The WeWork mission is not just to build a shared space, but to build a community – so of course, we at Barons were excited to help out with this by installing their draught beer systems across both sites. That’s right, a shared office space that provides draught beer to their tenants… Name a better place to work – we’ll wait!

What was the client’s issue that needed fixing? 

The two sites needed two very different styles of beer systems to facilitate pouring ice cold beer day in day out to their hard-working tenants. 

In the CBD location, there was no room at all within the bar area for kegs or a chiller, so after inspecting the floor plans for the level above, we discovered a storage room that was very close and would allow for kegs storage and chiller location. This enabled us to design a ceiling hung system where the taps came from the room above.

In the Northbridge location, there was a little more room to work with under the bench, so we designed a system that would be able to tuck away nicely yet still give that premium feel and perfect beer presentation. 

Anything interesting/exciting/different about the job? 

The CBD location had additional logistical restrictions with only one lift access – which, with WeWork being on the 52nd floor, required great preparation and planning to ensure the project ran smoothly and on time. 

Dispense System Information

Number of Taps: 4 in Each Location

Font Type: 

CBD – 4 x Custom Ceiling Hung Fonts from Bracton in Forrest Green

Northbridge – Brooklyn Font by Bracton in Matte Black.

System Type: 

Northbridge – Ambient Underbench 

CBD – Ceiling Hung Taps with Fob Detectors and Chiller Plate.

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