Celebrate Oktoberfest 2021 with Barons!

It’s every beer lover’s favourite festival!

Knee-high socks, bratwurst, dreadful dancing and a lot (A LOT) of beer… it’s nearly time for the world’s favourite beer festival, Oktoberfest! 

A time to enjoy great brews, dress up and soak in the sunshine – it’s a beer lover’s dream. That’s why each year in Munich, Oktoberfest attracts an average of six million visitors. Between them, they’ll drink around seven million litres of beer – that’s more than 7,368,422 steins! 

In Germany, the Oktoberfest festivities take place over two weeks – that’s a lot of beers and plenty of wieners. While enjoying Oktoberfest in Germany is out of the picture this year, you don’t have to miss out. Time to throw on your best Oktoberfest outfit… Barons can help bring Oktoberfest to you! 

A Quick Oktoberfest History Lesson

It all began in October 1810, over 210 years ago! Believe it or not, Oktoberfest started with a Bavarian wedding, in which Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (try saying that name out loud). To commemorate their special day, the newlyweds held a horse racing festival, which became a yearly tradition with added bonuses like food, music and a whole lot of beer. Since then, Oktoberfest has grown to become a celebration anticipated by beer lovers across the globe.

Hosting an Oktoberfest party

Fancy hosting your own Oktoberfest celebration? Wunderbar! You’ll need to consider a few different factors, like food, decorations, music and of course, beer. 

The last thing you want is a party of empty-tummied beer drinkers falling asleep in the garden (though that’s pretty on-brand for Oktoberfest!). You’ll want to feed your guests with plenty of authentic Oktoberfest treats, think pretzels, roast chicken and grilling up some bratwurst.  

Create ambience with plenty of decorations. Bavarian flag colours, German flags, table skirtings and banners! At most Oktoberfest celebrations you’ll hear a lot of folk music and live bands. This time, the party is all yours, so you’re the DJ (just be sure to plan in advance). 

Clearly, there is so much more to Oktoberfest than just beer. Though, it’s hard to deny the fact that beer is the glue that helps hold the celebration together. If your Oktoberfest party is built on a foundation of good brews, you’re off to a great start. To put it simply, stubbies just won’t cut it. It’s Oktoberfest after all, the brews have got to be enjoyed fresh from the tap. 

Hiring a mobile bar

Our mobile systems are every party host’s best friend. 

Equipped with an ice-cold hybrid chiller and an insulated font from Andale, our mobile bars are built specifically to handle Australia’s ambient outdoor settings. Our systems range from one-tap through to six-taps, so no matter your party size, you’ll be pouring fresh, ice-cold German brews all day long. 

Looking to really get into the Oktoberfest spirit? Dress up your system with our customisable signage for the front and sides! 

Home dispense systems 

What better way to celebrate beer than to enjoy all of your favourite brews on tap 365 days a year? Our home dispense systems offer ice-cold pours fresh from the tap, whenever you want. With a Barons at-home system, you’re always ready to celebrate Oktoberfest with fresh draught beer! 

When designing your ideal home dispense system, we consider everything from the number of taps, styles of beer, the need for cold storage vs ambient storage, and of course your budget. 

Equipment for hire

If you’re looking for a once-off dispense system to host the very best Oktoberfest soirée, check out our equipment for hire! From countertop beer chillers to Nitro espresso martini units, they’re affordable, nimble and oh-so-convenient. 

Looking to serve your favourite beers at their best this Oktoberfest? Get in touch with one of our beer connoisseurs here or reach out for a chat on 1300 893 705! 

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