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Draught Beer Dispense

Every pint speaks of the pride you take in your beer. Cold liquid gold that pours perfectly, every time is what keeps your customers coming back (and their friends).

Remember the saying, a man’s home is his castle? Well, your Bar is your Kingdom, and long may YOU reign!

For every bar owner, consistent quality beer is THE most important thing.

If your product isn’t up to scratch thanks to poorly installed or faulty equipment, disgruntled customers walk away and take their friends with them, never to return.

For a beer drinker EVERY middie, schooner or pint is that first impression, so you MUST be good. Consistently. Everytime.

Your keg to tap system is one of the few things in your bar that’s predictable, measurable and dependable.

Unlike staff, punters or the weather, this is in your control!

At Barons Beverage Services, we’re here to make life easier for you, lightening the load with a system you can trust to deliver true tasting beer, flowing at the optimal rate.

Did You Know, the Big Brewers Only Use a “Select Few” Installers They Know They Can Trust?

Barons Beverage Services IS one of those trusted installers and we work with both big brewers and small bar owners.

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Recent Projects

Join More than 293 Bar Owners Who Discovered the Secret to the “Consistent Perfect Pour”

In the dynamic fast paced environment of your Bar, equipment you can depend on is the Holy Grail of Hospitality.
See who else now enjoys serving fresh consistent product every glass, thanks to Barons Beverage Services.
  • Baron's Beverage Services
    Baron's Beverage Services

    Baron’s Beverage Design offers a consultancy service to new and existing Breweries and Distilleries using its considerable experience and expertise to provide solutions to any customer need or request.

  • All design and manufacture is done in house by our own team of specialist engineers. We are happy to provide a full service or to play a supporting role in a project as needed by the customer.

  • We provide solutions through designing and manufacturing high quality engineered stainless steel components and complete micro brewery plant solutions. From the initial idea to installation and commissioning.

Guaranteed Service

You’re fully covered by Barons Beverage Services Industry Leading 8-Point 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

How it works…

  • We GUARANTEE the system we install for you will provide the coldest, freshest product possible at all times.
  • We GUARANTEE your installation will always be completed on time.
  • We GUARANTEE you will be treated professionally and courteously at ALL times.
  • We GUARANTEE Rapid Response to Inquiries: We will respond to all of your requests within 24 hours.
  • We GUARANTEE a smooth, hassle-free installation process.
  • We GUARANTEE to answer all of your questions openly and honestly at all times.
  • We GUARANTEE your system will be 100% compliant with all regulations and laws.
  • We GUARANTEE to only install the highest quality “brewery approved” equipment and chemicals to fit your budget.