The History of Craft Beer in Australia

How did craft beer come to be, anyway?

It’s no secret – Australians far and wide love to indulge in a good pint and there’s little better than finishing up a day with a coupla’ down at the pub. With the rise in popularity of craft beer, we’re seeing more and more breweries opening their doors and a large array of craft beer is making its way onto local menus all over WA.

With beer having just a few core ingredients and not being as susceptible to climate as beverages like wine, it’s easy to see why it has become such a staple in the hospitality industry. With the right brewers on your roster and the right dispensing equipment, the perfect pour is within reach for all. 


The Rise of Craft Beer in Australia

So when did Aussies open up their eyes to the world of craft? While beer originally made its way to Australian shores in the late 1700s aboard Captain James Smith’s exploration fleet (no, we don’t mean James Cook), it wasn’t until the 2000s that craft beer really saw an uptake in interest. Commercial breweries dominated the market throughout the centuries, only to find themselves having to turn to craft to keep up with the consumer markets in the last 15 years. 


An increase in demand for craft beer shows a move towards quality over quantity when it comes to the choice of cold ones. Craft beer is typically characterised by smaller batches of produce, more manual processes and traditional beer-making methods. 


In a market largely driven by young professionals in cities across Australia, craft beer has seen a tremendous uptake in recent years with the appeal largely stemming from the unique flavour profiles smaller scale brewing allows as well as a desire to support local Australian operations.


Make sure the perfect pour doesn’t sour! (Unless you’re producing a sour beer of course…) 

With an increased emphasis on flavour profiles and pushing the envelope when it comes to delighting local beer drinkers with unique tasting notes, the importance of storage and dispensing equipment becomes a surprisingly key point. 


You only need to ask some of our partners in the hospitality industry like Gage Roads Brew Co and Little Creatures about the importance of things like water quality, temperature control and clean gear. At Barons we not only have a wealth of experience in all things craft,  we also have the best equipment to ensure that no subpar craft beer will ever be served from any of our taps. 


The perfect pour can go sour quickly if the technical side of beer dispensing isn’t made a priority. With no end in sight to the rise of craft beer, hospitality venues cannot afford to not jump on the bandwagon! With Barons to guide you into the world of craft beer, there is no easier way to take the plunge. 

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